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The Training Division of the Glynn County Fire Department is operated differently from most Training Divisions in the area.  It is headed by a Captain of Training, and supported by an unlimited number of nationally qualified training officers on each of the three Platoons.  The Captain of Training co-ordinates the minimum monthly training activities allowing the supporting training officers to provide additional individualized training as necessary.

These support training officers are not only responsible for training but are also officers on the Departments apparatus.  By doing so, our training officers stay up to date with the needs of our crews.  They see what training issues need to be addressed first hand, which prevents the gap that sometimes occurs between the firefighters and trainers in some departments.  It is not a question of "Do as I say, Not as I do". Our Training Officers do not sit in an office and dictate training.  They respond to calls and follow the same guidelines they teach to their fellow Firefighters.   So far, this system has worked well for us.

Our Department is also fortunate to have a training facility at our disposal.  Our training facility provides a place to conduct most all aspects of our training.  This includes topics such as Live Fire and Flashover training, flammable liquids and pressurized container fire control. 

Our Training Division works to stay as current as possible.  Our Training Officers attend courses regularly to stay up with current techniques and practices.  Our Training Officers are also part of our most specialized teams or committees in the department (i.e. Haz-Mat, & High-Angle Rescue).


Fire Suppression:

As Glynn Counties primary fire protection provider, the Glynn County Fire Department is in the forefront techniques and technology in the fire service. 

The Glynn County Fire Department currently provides fire protection services to the unincorporated portions of Glynn County, and responds to approximately 5,000-6,000 calls annually out of 8 stations. 

In addition to community fire protection, the Glynn County Fire Department provides wild-land, industrial and aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) services. 

Our firefighters are trained to National Professional Qualifications as well as Georgia standards and have extensive experience. On a moments notice the Glynn County Fire Department can have personnel and equipment in route anywhere in Glynn County and the surrounding counties. 

Our ARFF services help the Brunswick / Glynco airport increase service levels, while cutting costs. We provide on-site structural fire and emergency services as well as runway services.


Emergency Medical Services:

The Glynn County Fire Department is the primary provider of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and high quality medical transportation services in Glynn County since 1972.

Glynn County's high standards for medical training and proficiency ensure our employees are current in the most recent clinical protocols. Our employees are certified professionals who undergo continuing education and testing to assure their performance continues to meet our high standards.

In addition, Glynn County provides sophisticated vehicles, equipment, medical supplies, and systems to support the appropriate levels of pre-hospital care our patients deserve.

The Glynn County Fire Department currently operates 7 ambulances county wide with additional spare ambulances that can be brought online, at a moments notice, when necessary.


Special Ops:

The following is some of the special operations that the Glynn County Fire Department performs during emergency responses.  These operations can be taxing on the Departments resources and sometimes require the assistance of outside agencies to execute.

The Glynn County Fire Departments' personnel have received various levels of training in many special operations response areas.  It is the policy of the Glynn County Fire Department to assist the various local special operations response teams to mitigate the emergency.  If that scenario, for whatever reason, does not occur, the Department responds in a fashion that will not overwhelm its level of training, expertise or equipment.


Hazardous Materials Response

The Glynn County Fire Department approaches hazardous materials responses at the First Responder Operations Level.  First Responders at the operations level are individuals who respond to releases or potential releases of hazardous substances as part of the initial response to the site for the purpose of protecting nearby persons, property, or the environment from the effects of the release.  They are trained to respond in a defensive fashion without actually trying to stop the release.  Their function is to contain the release from a safe distance, keep it from spreading, and prevent exposures.

The Glynn County Fire Department works well and trains with local Technician Level Hazardous Materials Response Teams. They have agreed to assist the Glynn County Fire Department with their hazardous materials incidents.


High-Angle Rescue

Many of the Glynn County Fire Departments officers and firefighters have received certification in high angle rescue.  Some of the members have been trained as instructors through the advanced level.  They, in turn, are training other members of the department.

Department members assigned to these units train regularly in such skills as knots, anchoring, rappelling, patient packaging, line transfer, raising and lowering systems and the efficient use of mechanical advantage systems.


Crash Victim Extrication

As part of the basic requirements all Glynn County fire Department personnel are trained in vehicle extrication techniques.  Many of the Departments' personnel go on to get certified as Extrication specialists.

Extrication equipment, both hydraulic and hand powered are carried on many of our departments apparatus. 


Search & Rescue

Many of the Glynn County Fire Departments officers and firefighters have received certification as rescue specialist from GEMA.  This provides personnel trained in the art of map reading, navigating, knots and other skills essential for a successful search and rescue, in both land and water environments.






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